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About SeaBrook Harbor & Marine in New Orleans

About SeaBrook

In 1993, Dwight Montz, and his two sons, David and Jeff founded SeaBrook Marine because of their love for boating and wanted to pursue their passion. Since then, the company’s operations have expanded tremendously. While keeping with their vision to be the premier yachting and boating center on the Gulf Coast for repair and storage, as well as fostering a solid and lasting relationship with customers and supplying them with the best boating experience possible; Seabrook Harbor & Marine has become the largest and best-equipped boatyard facility on the Gulf Coast as well as the largest Dry-Stack facility in Louisiana.

Today, SeaBrook Harbor & Marine proudly remains a family business, with David and Jeff at the helm. SeaBrook Harbor & Marine can handle just about any job thanks to a highly skilled staff, an 85-ton Travelift, deep-water access, and large-capacity indoor paint booth. Whether you need a basic bottom job or a much more complex hull extension for your boat, SeaBrook can do it all.

Along with a lot of businesses on the Gulf Coast, our biggest challenge came in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. We worked hard to rebuild our business while supporting our employees and our community. Today we are much better protected from possible future hurricanes because SeaBrook Harbor & Marine is now inside the levee protection system, thanks to post Katrina Improvements. After having to retool the whole yard from the ground up while reuniting with our employees, we can say that we are proud of doing our part in bringing New Orleans back. SeaBrook came back stronger bringing about 300 heavily storm-damaged boats back into service.

Our biggest expansion was the addition of SeaBrook Harbor —a top-of-the-line dry-stack facility that offers indoor, storm-protected storage for 200 boats, from 20 to 40 feet long. It’s the first dry-stack facility in New Orleans, and the safest, most convenient way to use and protect your boat.

Through the last 20 years we have worked hard to stay true to our mission:

We repair yachts to the highest quality and safety standards, at a profit if we can; at a loss if we must.

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