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Boat Storage Help in New Orleans

Frequently Asked Questions

At SeaBrook Harbor, we tackle some of your common boating questions.

What is a dry-stack storage facility?

It’s a multi-rack storage building on the waterfront to store vessels at different levels.

How do I schedule a move for my vessel?

Sign in to our scheduling program, BoatCloud, to have your vessel placed in the water, on a work rack or stowed away. If you would like to have your vessel loaded/unloaded on a trailer, you can schedule that also on BoatCloud, Monday through Thursday only.

Are there any vessel requirements to be stored at SeaBrook Harbor?

Yes, all boats must have proof of insurance (minimum liability), a battery disconnect switch, 4 dock lines, and 2 fenders.

Is there an additional charge for launching my boat?

There is unlimited moves in and out of the water or work rack. However, an additional $3.00 per foot is charged when loading or offloading from a trailer.

Can I flush my motor at SeaBrook Harbor?

Yes, we will place your vessel on a work rack where you can flush the motor, or you can request SeaBrook to flush it for an additional charge.

Is there a fuel dock at SeaBrook Harbor?

Yes, we have both regular unleaded gasoline (ethanol free), and off-road diesel. When you call to schedule your vessel to be put in the water, let us know if you need gas. We will happily fuel the boat for you. As an extra bonus, all Dry Stack customers receive a $.10 per gallon discount on gasoline.

Can I store my trailer at SeaBrook Harbor?

Yes, we offer outside storage for trailers.

What are the benefits of storing my boat at SeaBrook Harbor?

Storing your vessel in our dry-stack facility protects your vessel from prolonged exposure to the water, salt, and weather. Your boat will last longer, and you won’t have to spend as much time or money on costly repairs and maintenance. The service we offer increases your fun time with family and friends on the water. Upon request, we will fuel your vessel and ice down your drinks. For all you fisherman out there, you will have the right to reserve live bait over the general public.

What items are carried in the Ship Store?

Fishing tackle and accessories (portable air pumps, fishing line, nets, buckets, etc.) are carried in the Ship Store. We also have a variety of products to perform routine maintenance on your vessel, Coast Guard kits, food, ice, drinks, beer, and much more. If we don’t have it in the Ship Store, we also have a large materials warehouse. If we don’t have it in stock, we will get it shipped for you.

Can I purchase a fishing license at SeaBrook Harbor?

You can now get a fishing license at SeaBrook Harbor. Please contact us for more details.

What is the hurricane policy at SeaBrook Harbor?

New Orleans has a history of tempestuous storms. In the event a hurricane enters the Gulf of Mexico, there is a 24-hour window to make the decision to remove your vessel from our facility. It is completely up to the owner if he/she would like to leave it or not. Keep in mind our building is designed to withstand 130-mile-per-hour winds. However, each storm is different, and the time frame to remove your vessel may change. If this occurs, Seabrook Harbor will inform you.

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